Storyboard crashing

My Storyboard Pro keeps crashing. I just updated my mac to Mojave 10.14.2 and my old program minimized as soon as I opened it and would not appear back on screen. I assumed that because it was old that maybe it wasn’t compatible anymore so I signed up for a subscription (the old one was from a previous school)and it’s doing the exact same thing. How can I make it stop? I really need to use this program and I’m for it. Someone know what I need to do?

If you can still see the software menu at the top of the screen it is not a crash,
the software interface autosaved in “minimized” mode. Go into menu-Windows-
restore default workspace to get it back to normal.

If that doesn’t resolve it contact support. Apple may have quarantined the
software after the O.S. upgrade.

It worked! Thank you!

I’m having multiple crashes on my laptop this week. The sixth in two days following three Storyboard Pro updates in one week! It’s incredibly frustrating and I’ve lost hours of work. I’m running the windows version of the software.