Storyboard captions issue

The board paper I am using as template, which is pretty standard in the animation industry, has a line across the page demarcating the action notes from the dialog. When I export the board from Storyboard Pro to PDF, how can I get the captions to print in the correct areas? As now, they vary depending upon how much content they have.

Hi,If I understand correctly you want to avoid having the caption overflow to a second column. At the moment I think there is no way to clip caption to fit page though you may simply want to not show some of the caption fields so that your page layout is respected more easily. If that is not what you are looking for let us know.Regards,Ugo

No, I didn’t explain it very well. Try this. I have two caption fields, Action and Dialogue. In panel one I write some action description, and a line of dialogue. Panel 2 has NO action description, but does have a line of dialog. When I output the board as a pdf, panel one has the action above, right beneath the panel, and several spaces below that is the dialogue. But in panel 2, the dialogue is now up beneath the panel, in the same spot as the action notes in panel 1. What I need is for the action and dialogue to consistently print in the same place, regardless of whether or not the caption fields are filled. Otherwise, I have to go back through the board by hand and move the dialog down, which is inefficient.

Hi,There actually is a way to show empty caption box on the pdf by modifying the format in the pdf export. Go to Edit Format>Storyboard tab>Caption tab>Check Show empty caption. This should force caption to stay around even if empty, keeping a more stable page layout.Best regards,Ugo

Thanks, that helped. But it would be even better if I could set the spacing for the panels. Most companies have their own storyboard format, and the dialog and action have to fit in the space provided. The empty caption solution works fine to keep the dialogue in one place, but I still have to go into Photoshop and shift the dialogue and action down to fit the board template I’ve been given.

Go back into Edit Format>Storyboard tab>Caption tab> and uncheck “trim captions”