Storyboard asks for license at every launch

On my Mac OS X 10.9.5, Toonboom Storyboard keeps asking me for my license details at every launch. Are there any known issues with 10.9.5?

Alternatively, is there a way to completely delete the current install? Maybe installing from scratch will do the trick.

On a Mac it is very easy to completely delete all traces of a program.

  1. Open a new Finder window.
  2. In the Search box type: storyboard
    View the results in List format.
  3. In the upper right corner of the window click on the +
  4. In the menu bar that opens upon clicking the + choose “system files” and “are included” (you may have to choose “other” and scroll for the system files option.
  5. Again, after you are presented with a list click on the 2nd + below the first.
  6. This opens an additional menu bar then choose “Name” “Matches” and type: storyboard
  7. Select all files in the list and move them to the Trash.

NOTE: Carefully read through the list of results. Make sure there are not any project files or references in the results that you may wish to keep. The downloaded installation files would even be part of this list to sift out as well.

Thanks for the thorough reply, but unfortunately it didn’t work. There must be some file somewhere that doesn’t have the word “storyboard” in it. Even after uninstalling and re-installing, Storyboard still remembers my recent project files. So clearly something didn’t get deleted.

Some Storyboard files just have “SB” in the name. You can see those after the first level query of “System files” “are included.”

Once you go to the next step the only way those would be included is if they were located within a folder that included the full word “storyboard.”

There are other files without either “SB” or “storyboard” and you can see evidence of those by clicking on a folder and examining its contents.

I would go through the process again. Pick out the “SB” files at the first query level. Then move on to the 2nd query level. Make sure you empty Trash and reboot before re-installng.

I have used this method but it does not appear to be 100% thorough. I have seen descriptions of very deep digging for related files on discussion forums. You should Google the topic. At least this method easily accesses a significant percentage of a program’s files. The bottom line is that nothing removes every trace except erasing the hard drive, reformatting and writing over every sector after that.

Maybe this was a swing and a miss.

If this gets you to a fresh installation and your problem still exists Support should be able to help you with it. You may want to contact them right away.

Good luck

Thanks, I think it’s time to call on support.

Maybe try this fix that worked for me:

Apple security is what’s causing this. Run the program once from an Admin account or if you have really high security enabled run it from a terminal once as root user. If that’s too technical contact support - takes 5 minutes or less to fix.