Storyboard & Animate

I like most of us out there received another “toonboom” special offer with the new price on Storyboard. My question is, how many Animate owners like myself use storyboard and is it in my interest to acquire this software. Or simply put how well does it interface with Animate as I have been reading some of the details and have yet to find mention of it working “with” specific software

I downloaded the trail, but for some reason it thinks my 19 days are already up so I can’t even test it out for consideration

Any advise folks?!

I’m using SB Pro version 2 and Animate 2. I’m not an expert since I’ve only worked on one project but I like Storyboard since it helps with the timing. What I haven’t figured out how to do is successfully export to Animate. The .digital file that I get from SB can be opened by Animate but there are a lot of errors. I’m going to put up a post in the technical side but the gist is that there’s a missing color and the scene has issues being edited.

Lilly, I didn’t mean to hijack this thread. I’ve opened a new one in the tech area.

If it thinks your trial is up already try to install as an administrator.

Storyboard Pro has the option to export directly to Animate. Storyboard non-Pro simply has a PDF export option - you cannot do things like animate the camera in the regular Storyboard.

Hope this helps.


Okay well if you can be more specific on what the problems are, perhaps including some screenshots, then I might be able to help you out.