Storyboard and Studio

How can I take artwork created within storyboard and use it within Studio?

Artwork created within Storyboard is not compatible with Studio. The only way that you can get your Storyboard into Studio is to export as a quicktime movie. If you need to have the sound with it, and you would like to export only to one quicktime file, then go to File > Export to Movie. If you want to export your storyboard in individual quicktimes based on the scenes, then go to file > export to… > EDL/AAF. Doing it this way will not bring the audio with it, only the sound files, as it was originally intended for a different purpose.

Hope this helps.


Thank you. I did not realize that I could record any sound with Storyboard. Thanks for that. Bummer about the lack of compatibility. Seems like this would be a natural for two products in the same company so that a logical work flow could be leveraged. Love the products. Thanks for the workarounds however!

I mainly just want to take characters or art created in storyboard, import them into studio to animate them so I don’t have to redraw.

You can’t record sound with Storyboard, however you can import sound. For your purposes, exporting as a movie, when you import that movie into Studio you will still most likely have to redraw your drawings.

You’re absolutely right, that since the two products come from the same company, they should work together seamlessly. We designed Storyboard to integrate with the Animate family, not with Studio. However I will log a feature request to make an option to export to Studio.

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Thank you Lilly. It makes sense that workflow is more focused on the pro level stuff - but it would be nice!