storyboard 5.5 suddenly project is sticky and not operating well

I’m trying the free trial of 5.5. I was successfully working on a project for the whole week and now suddenly the lag time on zooming or clicking new items in menu has made it un-usable. If it scroll the mouse to zoom it takes about 5 seconds before it responds if it does at all. The lasso tool can’t circle an object in the select or cutter mode.It is like it is jammed up or I have not enough power to make it work. It is only about 49 panels long with 6 or 7 vector layers of drawings. Not very heavy files or anything. No sound even. My other software like Photoshop still works fine . I tried resetting the preferences to default settings and removed a lot of hidden layers figuring it was too big for the trial.

anyway I have used previous versions extensively and thought I would try this new one before purchasing. Any suggestions. I have rebooted a number of times. I have plenty of memory to hold the project and this software.