Storyboard 5.5 - AAF export

Hey guys,

I’m now testing the AAF export capabilities of StoryboardPro 5.5.
Unfortunately when importing the resulting .aaf to Avid, all the durations of jpgs are 1 minute too long! (see attached screenshot)
When trying to import the media, Avid complains that the source is too short:

DIDWriter::DoSDKHWEncodeForCapture - SDK HW encode disabled
BatchImport::RelinkToMaster - IMPORT_TOO_SHORT
Cannot reduce duration of clip shorter than current duration
theMasterComp=1470 masterMob=720
Batch import clip 50 of 87 FAILED: vd_sc45_01_012_004.jpg with error:

Why the length of the exported media is extended by 1 minute? Is there a way around this?

Using Avid 8.6.3


Having the exact same problem.

Trying all sorts of work-arounds but no success so far.