Story board pro 4.1 Bug Selecting layout Timeline


We are TeamTO Sutdio, an animation studio in Paris using ToonBoom Storyboard Pro 4.1.
We are facing an issue that makes our work using ToonBoom really annoying.

The bug :
When we want to switch from one layout to ‘Timeline’ layout, the soft begin to open the view multipling the timelines in two, and the soft freezes and gives no answers. We can do nothing except to force it off (we canno’t save the work which is a big problem).

Elements :

  • At the first opening of toonboom, if the Timeline is the layout used, it work. Then it’s only if we change and come back to the Timeline layout that it crashes.
  • It appears to be random but once it arrived we had this issue more than once sucessively. This time, we manage to get it back removing prefs in our AppData folder.
  • The bug appears on different ToonBoom project, on differents computedrs (windows), with different people.
  • We are often using Cinthiq Wacom and it seems like the bug often when toonboom Window is played on this Cinthiq

Could we have an explanation on wath’s the problem and solve it?
If you need some other elements to help you to investigate you can ask.

I would be really ,glad to find the solution the sooner we can,


Sixtine Pirat.
TeamTo Studio

It’s possible that for some reason in the past, several timeline views
might have been opened and possibly minimized. Subsequently the
auto save saved the workspace. Copying a project saved with this view
will try to open it on other systems the same way.

As a solution if you can actually get the project to open, close some of
the additional timeline views and save the workspace. In the worst-case
scenario you need to delete the user’s preferences file:

[username]/Library/Preferences/Toon Boom Animation

C:\users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Toon Boom Animation