Stop Motion Puppet Animation Short. Independent. Set in World War Two.


I am in the process of producing a stop motion puppet animation short film set in world war two. Myself and my colleague have been working in the animation feature industry for 5 years and are taking advantage of our contacts etc and are making an ambitious stop motion short film. We have several storyboards already on our team, but are looking for many more!n This is unpaid, we are independent but feel we are really onto something. The work load is dependent on your availability, but to give you an idea, we will tend to launch you on a sequence which is around 40 seconds long. We will go through a 4 pass system. So roughly in terms of times, the whole process for each sequence would be spread over a month and would roughly take up about 7 days work depending on your speed.



The stop motion feature in Toon Boom Studio is good for hobbiest work.You might want to use the trial version to see if it gives you the desired results for your project. Note that supported cameras are Logitec ™ webcams, where you can achieve HD quality with some models.If your animation is more on a professional scale, you may want to contact to discuss which would be the best Toon Boom software for your needs.