Stop Motion keyframe question

Suppose you have just animated an image across 100 frames using Stop Motion key frames. Now you see it needs to be animated “on twos” instead of “on ones”. Do I have to insert all those extra frames between the Stop Motion key frames one-by-one, or is there a command that would let me select all 100 key frames and insert the extra frames all at once?

OK, I can wait, but it sure will be a nice feature. I’m always blown away by how fast the response is in the TB forums. Thank You!

i am thinking if you could possibly keep it in ones but later render the whole scene at an fps of 12. or is this image the only layer in ones and everything else is in twos?

Everything else is on twos, but you gave me an idea for a workaround; by exporting that layer to Flash, using a command to put it on twos, then importing back to TBA. Thanks!

Hi Marty,

I wish I had good news for you. Unfortunately, this is something that I’ve already logged a feature request for but we haven’t been able to implement yet. There’s no way to set keyframes on 2s, you have to drag and drop them.