Stop motion capture devices

I have Studio 8 and want to do some stop motion. I have read some information regarding cameras but I’m still unsure about which type is the best to use for an intermediate level approach i.e. bait more quality and longer term usage. I know this is not a straight forward issue but any clear pros/cons answers would be appreciated or anyones personal experiences would be great.

Hi, Glyn,
If you have existing cameras, you could verify that they work by testing with Toon Boom Studio trial or retail version.

If you are looking to purchase a new camera, any web cam that works with their Operating System should be fine.

The standard cameras we can suggest for use with Toon Boom Studio, are Logitech Webcams.
As per the Logitech website, here are the webcams currently available:

For Windows:,en

For Mac:,en

Note that although not listed as compatible with Mac on their site, we found that this model works on both Mac and Windows:
Logitech Webcam Pro 9000

Note that Logitech may update their website information, so it is a good idea to visit the site before purchasing.
You may also visit your computer store retailer for up to date information when purchasing.

Handy tips when doing stop motion in Toon Boom Studio:

  1. To enhance image quality, adjust your lighting for your scene (the area you are taking pictures of).

  2. Position your webcam to get the best shots and angles. Use household or classroom items as you wish, for example:
    stack books and anchor your webcam securely on top: be creative!

  3. To optimize sharpness and avoid blur, set your “Auto Capture” to 5 seconds in Toon Boom Studio capture;
    then test and adjust time as needed.