Stop motion animation

has anyone been able to use the Acquire/From Capture Device with their digital SLR camera? I tried to use a rather popular camera (Canon T2i/550) and it shows up in the menu as a possible device but when you try to select it I get the spinny wheel (using a macintosh). Just wondering if anyone has had luck with this. I am using the free trial right now and I happened to notice that at the bottom of some pulldown menus there is a pattern of colors that looks rather buggy as well. I would like to know so that I can take advantage of the 50% off the full version might work with my camera. Thanks!

Hi Siraerich

Is your camera set on full auto mode or on some advanced mode (P, T, Av, M)?

On a Windows workstation, the capture module remains greyed out when I select my Rebel Xsi, unless it is set to an advanced mode. My guess is Toonboom Studio is waiting for the camera’s video feed signal to finish initiating the capture module. On my Rebel I can only activate the LCD preview in an advanced mode, so if the camera is set to a basic mode there’s probably no video signal for TBS to pick up, and it keeps waiting for it.

Maybe it’s a Xsi quirk but I can’t actually take picture in advanced mode. TBS say the camera is already in use. To work around this, I start the capture module with my camera set to M, select it as the source then switch the camera back to full auto mode. Doing so I lose the live preview, but at least I can shoot.

Hope this helps

Please note that if your camera is not recognized, it is possible that it is not compatible with TBS. Your best bet is to do your stop motion with a Logitech webcam… currently there are good quality ones available.