Stone Age animation!!!

my new animation for a contest "could be seen coming"

Very professionally done, Adelmo! Great work! Did you do the rotation of the programs at the end with Toon Boom or a 3D app?

The backgrounds were very nice as well. My only criticism would be the sound on the caveman near the end. The audio quality isn’t very good. It sounds too far away and the acoustics are bad.

I see from your blog that you use a Wacom Cintiq 12WX. You place it directly in front of your monitor with the keyboard on a tray below. How does that work for you? I place mine to the right of my monitor and keyboard–no tray.

two video sequences, one of after effects(Dynamic Link) and the other toon boom animate pro 2(.mov), both added in the premiere that I needed to assign sound effects. (I feel more comfortable driving there “for now”)
The audio of the character to be corrected further.
The Cintiq’s work as you say in front of the monitor and keyboard in a tray, to avoid having to use the keyboard on some tools, I have assigned shortcuts in the Cintiq with radial menu.

look very good! :slight_smile:

did you deliberately leave out shadows of characters? i think they would add to your animation.


You’re absolutely right, but I was doing a lot of sun :wink: jejeje

Very nice indeed. The section after the cavemen which includes the rotation looks very slick. Two very trivial points:
1) One of the colours used for the inside of the cave is very similar to the colour used on the cave opening, losing a little bit of the depth effect.
2) You seem to be using an outline which is the same colour as the fill on the small rock with the hole in the middle. So when it’s held up in the caveman’s hand, which has a very pronounced outline, it loses a little defintion.

A very nice piece of animation.


nice animation, looks like an advertisement