Stock blank puppets?

I want to create a blank articulated puppet, one male and one female, that I can store as a template, and then modify to create several different characters. What I want to do is be able to pull this blank figure from the library and draw different details on it, then save it as various different characters. This is possible in Animate, right? What is the process I need to do?

Create a rig that you like with one drawing in each layer of your character. Then create a template of that rig by dragging from the left side of the timeline into the Library. Then you can reimport that template in any scene.

If you had done a rig with images in it you will have to clean it in the template so that you have blank drawings in that master template rig. Just Edit Template and select all the drawings in the first frame (s) and delete the lines.

There are a few points to be aware off. You will have to adjust the pivot position on your different characters for example because the legs are longer or shorter.

You probably would want to add a prefix for each character layer so that they are different when you bring a bunch of your newly create characters. For example, joe_head, joe_l_arm, mc_head, mc_arm, jack_head, etc. The master template would just have _head, _arm for example.

Thanks for the advice my friend.