Still no cure for wacom "mouse mode"?

I just downloaded latest trial of Animate Pro and confirmed it still doesn’t work with wacom tablet (or Intuos3) in mouse mode, is that so?

I know many people complained about it for a long time and the fact it wasn’t fixed yet probably mean it won’t happen anytime soon.

I won’t be able to work in tablet mode instead of mouse since it’s much less effective for regular tablet (unlike cintiq) and i prefer using regular tablet with 30" monitors vs cintiq because of large working area. It’s the only thing that keep me from using any toon boom software. So is there any hope this problem will be fixed anytime soon or this mode is kind of “officialy non-supported”?


I have reopened the issue on our side. Most people opt for Pen mode even in smaller tablets but I can see the mouse mode being useful in certain cases.