Still crashing.

I just downloaded Toon Boom 3.5 and it crashed after only 2 minutes. I was hoping that you guys had fixed the problem with the memory issue when lots of using non vector pictures. At least now it not just going to never-never land with out a error message. Now I’m getting :
The instruction at 0x6901e500 referenced memory at 0x0b02ea0x. The memory could not be written.

I did a little snooping and I can see that you have update the c++ runtime library form 7 to 8 and added an update c library. (Very good, this alone will fix alot of problems) and you added it’s own Quicktime.

I wished I could be more helpful by telling what instruction is causing the problem, but I no longer have any dissemblers on my computers.


Thanks for reporting Dale, we are looking at it right now.