Still big problems with Library Slider and stuff disappearing/reappearing


I have a character with two different poses two different keframes (black dot), at a distance of 10 frames.

I go to the first key, select his arm and make it disappear by sliding the Library Tool to drawing = 0. OK, it disappears.

Now I go to the next keyframe, expecting to find the arm (since it’s a keyframe, I suppose it should hold all pieces). Instead no, no arm.
If I add the arm back on this keyframe, Animate puts it right back on the previous one too!

How can I make the arm disappear ONLY on the first key?
Is there a way to secure keyframes, so that they don’t change exposures continually?

thank you,

Hi LillyI don’t know, all this is really confusing for me. I find myself forever adjusting stuff. Just now, I took the tie and other pieces off a character. Then I added some exposure with F5 and I get the tie and all the stuff again (these pieces were on the character in previous poses). So F5 doesn’t extend what you have set the character to be, with some pieces not showing, but it extends everything. To me this is crazy. There must be a way to tell a Keyframe that the drawings that are showing are the only ones you want until further notice. It cant’ be that every time you prolong exposure Animate decides for you it’s going to make all pieces of a character show up again.It’s like taking two steps forward and one backwards, all the time.Josh

hi Lillyyes, I see that’s what it does, but in my opinion that’s bad. Bad because one assumes that the last position and set up of the character (which parts are showing and which aren’t) is the one you want to extend, and not previous ones, in such a way that all parts appear again in a totally jumbled manner.I find myself forced to tell Animate something it should know by itself.So, yes, of course you can open the group or peg and go erasing drawing, layer by layer. It just seems to me so unnecessary. thank you,JoshI don’t

If your problem is that animate fill in empty drawings for you, in other words extend the exposure of the last drawing there could be a solution.Try to make an “empty” drawing. Make a drawing with any small line and use a unique colour-swatch and set alpha to 0.Then you swap the cells in the library cell-window .You can also copy/paste it directly in the timeline. If the drawing on the cell at any time should cause problems it can be erased and the unique drawing name will make sure it still won’t fill in with other drawings.Hope I understood your problem right.Best regardsIvar

Drawings are separate from keyframes - putting a keyframe on a drawing does not lock it in place, as it were. Keyframes control only the position, scale, and rotation of an object. Drawings are controlled by their exposure.

When you drag on the slider to change the exposure of a drawing, it should change it on the current frame up until the next vertical line, which indicates a change to a different exposure.

I just tried on mine, and it didn’t change the exposure on the previous frame. If it does this on yours, then perhaps you can write in to so they can investigate this with you.

We’ve already added a feature request to somehow lock the exposure on a frame, and we’re investigating what would be the best way to accomplish this.


When you have a group collapsed, then when you make a selection or an operation, it performs that operation on all the layers inside that group, because it is effectively selecting all layers in that group.

If you expand the group, then you can select just the layers that you want to extend the exposure on.

Hope this helps.


Well the thing is that there’s not so much a concept of poses in the same way that there is in, say, Flash. Most animators that I see simply extend the exposure of their character for the whole length of the scene and then as they’re animating they change the exposure as needed.

I understand where you’re coming from, though, and perhaps this is something that we can address when we think of a good way of how to lock the exposure on a frame.