Steve Ryan Tutorial

Mention has been made here of the above Tutorial, however I notice that on Clicking on the Tutorial Icon results in no response.


Hi Dowdall,

If you go to and click on any of the tutorials they should open and play. I just tried them all and they are functioning properly.


Thank You Ron for your reply, unfortunately I am not having any luck. Perhaps its because i am UK based. Cannot see that making sense either. I can open Moho no problem.
Cheers PD.

i’m austria based and i can open the tutorials without any problem. maybe only you islanders are being handicapped :wink:

but no more fun:
i suppose you’ve blocked your pop-up windows, which will block the videos, too.

Thanks again Rob, i have checked my Pop Up Windows
and found I am not blocking. I have sent an eMail to Steve Ryan on the off chance I can get his Tutorials via another route. Unfortunately Toon Boom Cut Out Tutorial I see as being a Demo rather than a Tutorial and the Author moves so fast it is impossible for anyone new to Animation to follow. It needs to be done on a step by step basis.
Best Wishes,

I hope you don’t mind my asking, but are you new to animation? New to animating using computer software? or just new to using Toon Boom Studio specifically? Here is why I am asking. If you are new to animation and new to using animation software in general then we should start some threads to discuss those things in general. It is very difficult to learn to create animated content and to learn to use software at the same time. If you aren’t new to animation or using animation software and just new to Toon Boom that is a different situation.

I have only been here at these forums for a very short time and my perception is that there are a lot of folks here that are new to all of the above. They are trying to master several significant subjects all at the same time and that is not an ideal situation. People like myself and Rob Gester and Elwood Smith all like to help others and share our experience because we all have had to learn these subjects and appreciate the need for helping each other. So I’m writing this not just for your benefit but to anyone reading this post. If you are new to more than just Toon Boom you need to start with the basics with which we will gladly help you. And then you can expand your horizons to more detailed software usage. No one can produce tutorials that cover all you need to know in a single tutorial. Any tutorial has to start with the assumption of some level of basic knowledge. The V3 cut out tutorials are some of the best tutorials I have every watched but they also assume that the viewer has significant experience and is just wanting to understand the specifics of using TBS to implement this form of animation.

Toon Boom Studio is a very sophisticated application and it can be a daunting learning experience even for someone who isn’t new to animation or new to animation software. We all had to learn by taking small steps, the first small step is to determine which steps to take. Trying to master Toon Boom before you master the basics of creating fundamental animated content is way too big a step for any reasonable person. I hope this will inspire you and others here to start asking questions about the basics of animating, because that’s the more effective way to learn to do what you really want to accomplish which is to create animated content. The software is just a tool. But a tool with out knowledge of the craft is not easy to use. -Jk

jk is modest, as usual, but in case you’re new to animation at all, it’d be helpful if you check his postings on animation in the flashfilmmaker forum:, especially ‘toon talk’,
and some articles in his blog:
it’s worth to take some time to read them, and also the old archive entries there.

Thank you JK for your offer of help also Rob for his follow up, I will certainly visit those Sites you suggest Rob.
I am new to Toon Boom, my main Hobby is Amateur Movie making using a Camcorder and editing using Adobe Premier Pro, I have also started using Adobe Premier After Effects 6.5,(Which use endless Animations but different from Toon Boom, however they both have very good Tutorials, which I find very interesting and easy to follow).
I just cannot get off the ground as far as Toon Boom is concerned, I have studied the Print Out Manual in great detail. However they seem to jump ahead and fail to explain how they get from “A” to “B”. I have given up on Toon Boom a number of times only to return as it could
add variation to my Movie Making.
One further question, " are the Templates in the Library already “cut outs” or is only “Der Der”.

Sorry for being so long winded and many thanks to JK and Rob for your help.

Hi, Dowdall–

With users like JK and Rob (and the other Rob on this forum), you are in good hands as you try to sort out the complexities of Toon Boom. When I first got Toon Boom, I had only done one other animation using Photoshop and iMovie and I only knew a bit about Photoshop and VERY little about the wiley ways of the computer.

So, it was very difficult to learn with only the Toon Boom Users Guide as instruction. If it hadn’t been for Steve Ryan and Brian Hoard (who were both very active on this forum back when I bought TBS), I would have given up. I was SO overwhelmed at first. As you suggest, the TBS Users Guide too often skips through the material with an assumption that you already know the basics. Once you’ve learned some of the software and look back at the Users Guid, it makes perfect sense.

JK is being very generous (though I’ve come to learn that it is his nature to help and share) with his offer to help us here on this forum. He and the Robs are a genuine asset here and I’m in awe of their willingness to, over and over again, help answer questions. I tend to have difficulty explaining the tech side of the programs I learn–I’m much better at articulating the purely creative side of art and animation. In fact, I only know about half (or less) of what Toon Boom has to offer. So far, that’s all I’ve needed to get done what I need to do to make animations, but when the time comes to learn more about the software, I’m relieved to know these guys are here to help bail me out.

As JK says, take baby steps. I’m sure you’ve learned to do that as you’ve learned the other programs you listed, so keep in in mind here. It WILL make sense up ahead, so take a deep breath, keep at it and, when you need to, post your questions here and the gang will help you out. Help us ALL out!


Thank you Elwood for your comments and encouragement,
Toon Boom is the first Program where I have had problems getting started. I have kept trying because I can see it has great entertainment potential for me. It is good to meet so many helpful and inderstanding enthusiast.

Cheers PD

Further to my earlier Posting, Thank you Rob for those Tutorial Site Addresses. I have logged on to them and they do look interesting.
Cheers PD

It is very interesting to see the type of work you listed and the applications that you have been using. I think it is important to realize that although movie making, cinematography, and animation have some commonalities, they truely are very different so it isn’t just another application to use in video production. When you shoot and edit video or film you are recording the real world. Yes you have input into some aspects of composition and you can order presentation but you really aren’t having to visualize and plan and create the action. In animation there are few accidents, it is all planned by the animation creator.

Now many people think that illustration or static drawing is the major part of animation, but it isn’t. Animation is art expressed across time. It is design in motion. So it is no wonder that a person new to animation and new to animation software is easily frustrated or overwhelmed.

So many people think, “all I need to do animation is draw and paint a great picture or two and it will all evolve.” It isn’t even close. You can’t jump to a finished animation with just a few drawings. There is lots of thought and planning and rough sketching and then even when you get really experienced using the power of software like TBS you will still make lots of drawings. The hard part is to realize you need to gain a sense for creating movement and feelings and personality with lines moving across time long before you can ever begin to utilize most of the sophisticated features of Toon Boom. The common mistake is to look for the magic bullet that causes the ideas you have leap from your head to the screen. It does not exist. Yes you can learn some simple animation techniques that rely mostly on the camera moving around a static drawing but that quickly is very limited.

Just start out visualizing and animating simple objects and giving them natural movement, and weight. Let them act and react to internal and external forces. Let them exibit personality and emotion. You have to build from the idea of taking lines that change over time and producing that which appears to be alive. -JK

Thank you again JK for your further comments and giving me the benefit of your knowledge and experience.

Cheers PD

I recently watched the QT tutorials provided by TBS on this web site under the heading of “features” on the Toon Boom Studio product page. . These are excellent and I’m somewhat surprised that more people haven’t commented about their existance. Perhaps they are being over looked because they aren’t “flagged” as tutorials but rather as “demos” same difference, and maybe people think they are just advertising. If you haven’t watched these yet, please do yourself a favor they are very informative and worth several re-watches to learn all that is presented. -JK