Stereoscopic info

Well I have become curious on this topic.

So what is the workflow meant to be?

Just render 2 cameras and the rest is done in post editing or does animate render the left and right (and thus adding the blue and red for you) and then you just combine them somehow?

That teaser video from toonboom looks awesome. Is there some sort of scipt to output the render correctly?

Basically I use ulead studio for putting my scenes together (because it does the job).

I am interested in giving it a go, like just trying to do it on a simple scene to see if i can get it working.

I have got a pair of red/blue glasses :slight_smile:

Well i have been reading and it really sounds pretty simple for Animate Pro. You basically want a script to always create the cameras a set distance apart (so you can maintain the look in every scene).

Then you saturate the left side red and right side blue (or maybe vice versa :slight_smile: ). Then just use a multiply function in compositing software (or maybe with batch file in photoshop) and you are done?

Sounds nice in theory. I need to give it a go

Very soon there will be some documentation available on how to do this, so stay tuned!

Toon Boom Support

So i should stop stumbling around like a drunk in the night ? ;D

Could define very soon in approx. timeframe?


It should be announced in the next newsletter (toward the end of the week).



thank you :slight_smile:

I am eager to give this a go.