Stereoscopic camera script feedback

I made real progress today in the creation script. I am at the point for this script I can do whatever I want.

You can have a look at in action. (only 1 minute to watch so you won’t lose much of your life!)

Does anyone think there needs to be any more options?

Does anyone have any thoughts on where is best to place the target (yes I know it isn’t the same as the tutorial, I am convinced there is a better place for it, because I want to keep the focus in the centre of my camera most of the time.

What I might do is change the master peg into a truck forward and back peg and put the master peg above that which only translates left right up and down. Part of the reason for doing this is I want another script to auto adjust my left and right camera cause it will be such a pain doing the manual adjustments all the time.

Would welcome feedback as to what people think it needs to do, should do.

Here is one i did with it, but it is very subtle.

I probably need to move the cameras a little futher apart.