Stereo3D camera with near and far plane

Hello community :slight_smile:
Is it possible to create a camera rig in Animate Pro that helps controlling the 3D effect a little better than the rig from the tutorial in the resource section? The only point I can really control and adjust there is the zero parallax point.
I especially miss the possibility of finding (or setting up) a near and far plane to prevent the picture from diverging in the very close foreground and very far background.
Also the converged camera suffers from an immense keystone effect at the borders on the zero parallax level. Some 3D programs offer stereo cameras where the cameras chip is rotated inwards rather than the lenses (Off Axis). Is something like that possible in Animate Pro?
There is a nice camera rig for blender - it would be great if Animate Pro could offer functions like that:
Any ideas on how to make a comfortable rig possible that shows me the 3d comfort zone?

Thank you very much! A stereo camera set like this would be amazing… You could make sure that you are always in the comfort zone and the software could calculate different versions for different screen sizes automatically. Effortless Stereo 3D dream

This is not currently possible but I will forward the feedback to the team.