Step by Step Clean up in TIMELINE help

Okay I am was a long time flash animator, have switched to Toon Boom Animate, I do not have the pro version as of yet.

ISSUE: The timeline is such a mess, I have read other forums here that talk about using GROUPS to clean up the TM layer, I Dont see this option and it is making this more time consuming searching up and down for the right TM layer its becoming a pain.

If I use a PEG it just goes to the bottom of the TM layers and I cant move it?

I see no where to add a group folder/layer or option anywhere?

Thank you ???

Add the “Centre on Selection” button to your Timeline Toolbar…
With the Transform Tool select any part in the Viewport, then click the Centre on Selection button,
the layer will open up in the Timeline…

Drag any layer (or create a new one) into the empty peg, then move it anywhere…

Use pegs as a container (groups), rename them accordingly…


Thank you very much Nolan.

Also one other handy trick, if you select a layer first and then click the Add Peg button, it will make it automatically a parent of the selected layer, and name it accordingly.