stbd from final draft won't save pdf

I have final draft 7.1.3 and tagger and have made new storyboard from final draft xml. This part has all worked fine . I can open and save 200 page doc without problem. …but when I go to print pdf file, the program seems to behave normally and displays the message, ’ pdf exported sucessfully’ …but the pdf won’t open. Acrobat says that ’ this file is corrupted and can’t be displayed’ and the file is only 8kb…I wanted to test this before adding translation and doing tons of drawings, any suggestions what to do next?

Hi,This is somewhat unusual. Have you tried importing smaller scripts in other language and have you had better results? I am wondering if it has something to do with the language or if it is something related to the formatting itself. In any case I strongly recommend you to get in contact with our support department concerning this.Best regards,Ugo

Thats the thing, I load a seven minute script as xml from tagger. All in english default fonts and it displays andbehaves normally. I go to export to pdf and again it seems to behave normally, progress bar advances and at end shows message 'export successful. …but acrobat then displays message that pdf is damaged and acrobat will now close. The same thing happens on both my copies of STBD PRO on two machines and in acrobat 7 and 8…the pdf is only like 8k so nothing much is really getting into it…I am testinf to proj before doing my drawings but still that sounds way small…I have no idea what to do next…any help you can give me would be really appreciated!

One more thing…when I import my xml to make my storyboard it creates a bunch of subfolders in the same directory…is there a way to collect everything intoa single stbd doc as usual…there might be a solution that way…

Hi,I think you have been discussing this with one off my colleagues earlier this week. If you need any further assistance feel free to ask.Best regards,Ugo