static light table, auto light table...?

how can I display all my drawings using the static light table?
I am on a g4 MAC using version 2.5 of TBS.
On a Mac is it called an auto light table?
thank you for all your help,


actually I didn’t mean drawings. I meant to write ELEMENTS. I can view one element shaded under the one I am drawing on(so I can draw an element proportionally…) but when I start on a 3rd element, I can no longer view the 2nd element. Just the first element shaded.


Hey Evan

Good to see you around here again. It’s been mighty quiet!

I’m on a PC, so I may be clueless here, but I go to View/Onion Skin/Auto Light Table. I also have button at the top of my drawing area, looks like a light bulb.

How’s your project going? And the subbing?

Be well and enjoy.

On the exposure sheet click on the image you want to send to the light table while holding down the control key a menu will pop up the last item on the menu is send to static light table. To remove it from the light table click on the image on the light table while holding down the control key and select delete.