Static Camera framing

Ok. Hi everybody. I’m new in using SBP, although I had been reading the documentation , and specially viewing Sherm Cohen video tuts since some time ago. I’m really enthusiastic about using it, and I believe it really will fulfill my expectations and needs as animator and game developer. But I guess I’m a low learner, and I must apologize for any dumb question I may post eventually. In this instance I would like advice with the static camera on this topic : I can’t maintain a choosen camera framing for a particular panel; once I go to the next frame and choose another camera framing, this affects all frames, previous, selected or current and next. ¿What am I doing wrong? I would appreciate someone advice.

Basically, the designers of this program didn’t consider this.

Here is my conversation with Ron from tech support. His solution didn’t work for me, because I’m doing live action. See if his suggestions fits your needs.

“Are you using the Dynamic Camera and making keyframes to achieve your camera moves? If not, you can enable the Dynamic Camera by checking “Camera by Panel Compatibility Mode” and “Allow Advanced Camera Operations” from the Camera Tab of the Storyboard Pro preferences.”

Unfortunately, Un-checking Camera by Panel Compatibility Mode was instructed to me by toonboom tech support as the solution for a previous issue, which has now returned. Every panel automatically has a beginning and end keyframe already in place. That creates a host of other issues. This was Ron’s response to that:

"The way you originally had it set is as close to optimized as it can get for your
workflow. The camera is only reset between scenes. Between panels of the
same scene, the position info is retained.

In your original example you only need to add a keyframe at the start of panel
13 to re-orient the camera to the default position. Normally this would be a
considered a jump-cut and not technically be the same scene.

There is another way to go as you mentioned that you only have camera moves
infrequently. If there are not too many layers, you could use the “Layer Transform”
to instead move the layers relative to the camera. This would avoid having to create

After another exchange, he added in some left out information:
"Currently that’s how the software works, there is one camera per scene.
“returning the camera to the default position is achieved by creating a keyframe and using the grid from the view menu to align it.”

Hope this helps -

Always had the same problem with this. I’m (trying) to use STBP for live action, and for some reason, STBP will only allow you to isolate camera moves by renaming the scene. This really doesn’t make sense because there’s no reason you can’t have multiple camera moves/setups within the same scene.

This is confusing for production. I shouldn’t have to create a scene 4a to reset my camera position when the script doesn’t have a scene 4a in it.

If there is a work around for this, or if I’m simply doing something wrong, someone please post the solution?

It’s been a while since I’ve checked the forum. Thanks for the response/suggestion. I think I need a more detailed explanation. Can you tell me how to make a new shot without renaming or renumbering a scene?


If I understand your problem correctly the answer is easy.

There are Panels and Shots. Every Shot may containt multiple Panels.

Whenever you want to have a different and static camera make a new Shot. Because a Shot is one setup of a single camera. Panel might be considered a frame in that Shot.

For that reason you can`t have a moving camera between Shots, because technically they have two different cameras.

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I use the static camera all the time - turn on ‘camera by panel compatibility mode’ in camera preferences. you can then move individual panel camera positions around independently.
Don’t ask me why this function has the most incomprehensible title .- It should say - ‘Static camera’ or ‘choose camera framing per panel’ or something better .
Hope that helps

Wow. Glad I found this entry because this had me almost spitting blood I was so livid.

Coming from live action, I don’t understand how this program is set up.

Unless I’m using it completely incorrectly, it seems like scenes are basically setups and shots are the same as panels and… Yeah, I’m confused again.

Why aren’t scenes, well SCENES, “Shots” should be setups (Where I’m placing the camera) which would necessitate a progression in slating and “Sequences” are how I’m going to affect the camera which would result in multiple “shots” once a PDF is made.