starting up help

whenever I open the drawing view it only has 1/4 open. The rst is black space. When i load the tutorial lessons they are in the corner I can’t see. I restore the drawing window default but when I import anything it goes back to only showing part of the drawing view. Ilooked in the prefeerences but there doesn’t seem to be any adjustment for the drwing window. Can you help?


This might be related to your video card having difficulties with some features of the application. In any case the settings you will need to play with are inside the Display tab of the Preferences. The first step should be to change the renderer to Direct3D instead of OpenGL. Then restart the application and see if the results are better. If not then go an disable some features in the Display tab and restart the application again.

By the way are you working with 2 monitors? If so you will need to use the Horizontal span (stretches the desktop instead of having 2) for the video card will not be able to handle the request from the second monitor if dual screen is selected (though the behavior you have should be specific to your second monitor only).

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