Starting up Animate2 troubleshooting

I just upgraded (Cross-grade) from studio to animate 2. I received an email but there was no activation code, just the receipt. When I checked my order history on Toon Booms web site it had my order listed as “completed”. When I check the “Downloads” tab it has a license key listed and each time I use it tells me that “activation failed: 7288: License Activation limit exceeded”… Each time I try to start Toon Boom animate 2 It tells me, "Unable to find a valid License for this application in which the license activation wizard is launched… Not sure what to do I tried both the “license key” and “upgrade key” but with the same problem. Am I using the wrong key, which I havent received yet? Please Help, and Thanks for your time.

Nicholas Kirsch

make sure you shoot an email to support too.

I got an email today from support. She told me that my license Key is already active and being used on another machine, and that I need to deactivate it on that one before activating it on another one. Im not sure what she means by this as I have only installed Toon Boom Animate 2 on my own personal lap top and have only tried activating the license key on my own laptop.

Explain that to support. They will help you find a solution.