Starting out with Animate Pro 2... Need lots of Help.

When I try to flip a group of brush strokes horizontally it doesn’t flip. I drew an eye with brush strokes and selected it with the lasso, selected transform, and selected flip horizontal, but it doesn’t flip.

When I press B to go the brush tool it only takes me there as long as I’m holding down B. Is there a way to make it so that by pressing B I will actually have the brush tool selected?

Try Alt+B for permanently selecting the brush tool.

You can look up any shortcuts in the software Preferences on the Shortcuts tab. This one particularly is found in the section called “Drawing Mode”.

Hi Fleeting Mischief,

the flipping issue could be down to the pivot point perhaps not being where you expect it, which can cause it to do some very odd movements?

(Not sure if you were in Drawing mode, or camera view.)

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