Starting Animation on Frame 00 vs Frame 01

Hi! On our animation production, we’re going between Adobe Premiere, Shotgun Studios, and Toonboom Harmony. However, it seems that both Premiere and Shotgun work from a “first frame is frame 00” basis, but Toomboom starts on frame 01.

When reviewing the animation in Shotgun, or editing /exporting animatic clips and compositing in post, the numbers fluctuate with our timecode.

Is there any way in TB’s preferences to count frame 01 as frame 00?

Thanks in advance!

Harmony does not have a frame 0 in it’s timeline so this
isn’t really possible. A potential solution might be to
make a script outside of Harmony that renumbers
files inside a folder to take the numbers and add -1
to the numbering of the exported frames’ filenames.

Hey, rkriz,

I’m new to all this - and this situation is likely to arise for me as well. When you suggest a script, do you mean something at the OS level? And for Windows, any suggestions?

Also (and this is for anyone reading), would a possible work-around be a dummy frame 00 file to precede the Harmony frames (to be edited out later)?


Windows doesn’t have very good scripting capabilities so
you would need to do it in Pearl or Python or some other
3rd party scripting language.

If the issue can be solved using a dummy frame 000 file
then that would be a simpler solution but wouldn’t that
throw the movie off? One 24th of a second is not much
but check with everyone involved in the process to make
sure it’s not causing a problem for someone down the

It’s really to help give notes on Shotgun (so when I reference a frame number to an animator, it’s accurate to the frame they’re looking at in Harmony), and synchronize between the animatic clips and Harmony (ie importing the animatic clips into Harmony, and updating the progression reel back in Premiere, with the frame count stamped on the video file via Premiere), so sadly exporting the final PNGs wouldn’t necessarily help that side of things fully… if that makes sense?

I guess I could also put a second timecode on the animatic/progression reel in Premiere that is offset by the 1 frame, so there’s two frame counts (one for animators to find the frame number in Harmony, and one to coordinate between SG and Premiere), but we’re getting into confusing territory even with that…

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi rKriz,

do you know how to get any message back from a third party language using the Process method?

I tried all the following lines, but none of them seems to work for me,

Process::readLineStdout( )
Process::readStdout( )
Process::readyReadStdout( )

here is my code,

p3 = new Process2( “C:\Python27\python.exe \\\USA_DB2\scripts\” );


MessageLog.trace("PID: ";
MessageLog.trace(p3.readStdout( ));

for some reason, I am getting an error similar to syntax error, which is really weird, did you use this expressions before, by any chance?


Hi nfelix

Which type of message are you trying to get back?
MessageLog.trace is used on a variable described in the script itself.

It does not query the systems process ID for the software.
You can do that using the terminal command
sudo ps -ef | grep [software or process name]

What is it you need the PID of the script for in the script itself?

Hi dchurch,

Are you exporting a movie and importing that into Premiere or is it some other method?
If you export bitmap frames it would not be overly complex to make a script that renumbers
the bitmap files but that may not solve the problem as there would still be one timecode used
in Harmony and a second one with -1 frame values in the timeline of Premiere.

Hi Kriz

I end up using the QNetworkRequest and it worked for me.

I needed to make a HTTPS request and get some results back. QTextStream.readAll() helped a lot and at the end It worked just fine.

Thank you for all the help.