Started the Tutorials for Advanced. Red locked out cursor on drawing/camera panels even if selecting layer on timeline.

It wants me to resize the background image to lay flush with the viewable area, but I get the red cursor with a slash through it. I tried selecting the layer with the mountaintop on it, and it’s not letting me do anything to it.

What am I doing wrong?

Also it says to vectorize the image when you import it, but if you do that to the bush, it creates a white outline around it for some odd reason if you pick colour clamp to alpha.
The software seems to be a bit beyond the older video tutorials, so any help would be appreciated.


Hi JTownsendsArt,

It would be useful to see a screenshot along with a link to the tutorial that you are currently at.

There can be many reasons for this icon to appear. A layer could be locked or in a format that doesn’t allow you to use any of the drawing tools from Harmony to modify it.
In any case, you could add a Peg on top of your drawing layer -select it and click ctrl/cmd+P- and use the Transform tool to resize your drawing.