Stange gaps/overlaps with textured pencil

Does anyone have a tip or trick for getting rid of the unwanted white gaps/overlaps that textured pencil tools create. I’ve attached a sample image that illustrates how the pencil stroke looks straight and then how it looks if you draw a sharp corner or overlap. I’m using a default texture that came with Harmony called “rough”.

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The pencil tool textures seem really powerful because they’re so much more editable than the brush tool, but if every line overlap/intersection is going to have all these gaps it’s pretty worthless.

I may be missing something obvious, but is there a workaround here?

Thanks for any suggestions you may have,

Well after a bit of trial and error, I solved the problem by DISABLING the checkbox in preferences>openGL>support transparency in Pencil Lines.

Very counter-intuitive. But after un-checking this in preferences (and then re-starting Stage) the pencil tool performs beautifully. No remaining white bits in the pencil stroke.

Hope this helps somebody with a similar issue.


Could a small blur help?

Does that also solve this issue when it renders? I don’t think it does, but let me know.

We have received this feedback before, and will look at the possibilities for improving this, but it is a very difficult one to address.