-----> STAMP TOOL<-----

Cel animation is such beautiful art form. But it takes a lot of drawing
to produce even the simplest animations. So why is it that there’s no
stamp tool or a brush capture tool in ToonBoom? You can copy
drawing object, though that takes to much time to be useful. The
ability to ‘lasso’ a section of a drawing, like in Plastic Animation
Paper is an immense time and quality saver. Take the Mike the Ant
tutorial for instance. When he is running his body doesn’t change.
It moves up and down but it doesn’t change. A stamp tool would be
perfect for this and so many other scenarios. And the stamp should
appear as the line work you lassoed, with no fills, and moving with
the pen. That would make it easy to see the onion skins. Please
check out the stamp tool in Plastic Animation Paper and add it
to ToonBoom.


I like this suggestion as well. Good point!