Stalling for 10-15 seconds when selecting/moving/transforming parts (Windows 7)

All drivers up to date, capable system, no problems like this anywhere else, not in Flash or in Games.

When using the cutter tool, or transform, or moving selected parts around Animate stalls for up to 15 seconds. Then it continues with no problem. Basically I have to wait after everything I do when moving or selecting parts.

My system is
8800 GTS 512 MB
4 GB Ram
Amd x2 6000+ (2x3GHZ)

I really need help with this because its breaking my workflow.

I really need help with this, I google alot and couldn’t find anything about it. I tried running it in Vista and XP compatibility but it doesn’t change anything.I can’t wait 15 or 20 seconds everytime I do something, it drives me crazy. :’(

Jason, Are you still having this problem? I’ve used Windows 7 with no problems. Perhaps you should contact tech support if you’re still unable to work. Email

Dear Lilly,thanks for your reply. Yes I still have this problem. I did fix the other one with the drawing, but this kills me.Is the support free? I read somewhere that you have to pay for it so I rather asked here. I updated my drivers, I updated Windows, I installed a different version of my graphic cards drivers. Nothing helped yet.

If you’re having an actual technical issue with your software, then technical support should respond to you. Support is not free for usage questions, training, or issues unrelated to technical support.One thing you might want to try - I had looked up that graphics card just a minute ago for another inquiry, and it looks like there are some people out there who are having problems getting openGL to work properly with the 8800 card. I checked out the NVidia forums, and they had reported issues with 3D programs that also use openGL. Go ahead and try the following: Go to nvidia control panel->3d settings->Adjust image settings…-> Use the Advanced 3d Image setting Take me there .Make sure Antialiasing mode is set to Application controlled.Let me know if that works or not.

ah! I just realised that you’re the same person I was just talking to on the other thread. If none of the graphic card settings options on the NVidia control panel help you out, then indeed you should go ahead and email techsupport.

I made sure the anti aliasing settings are set to application controlled but it didn’t help. It still takes me up to 30 seconds to move parts around. :(I’ll try and contact the support.Edit: Yeah amazing support. I get an email back that I need to register first because my email is not in their system. I used this email. I have to make ANOTHER account for this. Funny story: I did make a new account, but guess what? I still didn’t get any kind of confirmation, and when I resend the email I just get another one saying I should register. I’m really happy right now.

Hi Jason,Just wanted to thank you for registering in our new Help Desk system, where you can track your issues. Please note that the reason you were asked to register a second time was because you used 2 different email accounts. Once an email account is approved, there will be no more requests to register.Best,DebbieTB Support

Possible issue: I’d be mindful of the Antivirus/Firewall program you have installed. I had BitDefender 2010 installed on my Windows 7 box, with the FULL IDS features and max security enabled. Big mistake on a multimedia PC! I’d find delays in nearly every program that used a lot of memory, mainly photoshop and video editing programs, everytime I chose a new feature from the menu that produced a popup box or used extensive memory (clip board, editing massive data files, etc). I swore it was the video card, updated drivers all that, no dice- so looked at that antivirus program and that was it, for me. So I’d tell the antivirus to not do an “on access” / “real time” scan of Animate, as it was in use, as I did with Photoshop, and speeds dramatically improved for both. Try going into your antivirus program and marking the path to the executable for Animate, to not be scanned on access (excluded), and see if that works. Alternatively, you could remove and reinstall antivirus. Sometimes if your antivirus get installed before your main programs, you can have the same issue. So installing AV as the last application fixed a lot, for me.

Thanks for posting your solution to your problem here! Perhaps this can be of use to others in the future if that is an issue to them as well.

Hi Jason,I sent you a response through our Help Desk system. Please let me know if you received it. I have pasted it below here for your convenience:If what you are trying to move is stroke heavy artwork, it takes a little more time to process. You may try flattening your artwork or smoothing/optimizing to reduce the amount of points in your lines.For further assistance, you could send your sample artwork for us to import in Animate and test or if it is something you created in Animate, you can send us your zipped project. Please let us know if you need an ftp link for upload.Best regards,Debbie