Stage, what is it? Why didn't it come with my download? (Harmony Premium 14)

Hey there,
I just recently downloaded Harmony Premium 14 from the student subscription. I started watching tutorials- and noticed something missing. On the tutorials on this website, many of the videos start with opening an application in the Harmony Premium folder called Stage. My download did not come with this application… and I can’t find anymore information about this application because of the name.

What is Stage?

Any ideas about how I can get it? It seems important…



Stage was the name for the main Harmony application until recently. This could be a bit confusing especially when you work on a Standalone version which basically only has Stage and due to the fact that you installed “Harmony” but would open “Stage”. In version 12.2, Stage was renamed to Harmony Premium (or Harmony Essentials or Advanced, according to your version), so if you see a tutorial mentioning “Stage” don’t worry, it’s just the old name for Harmony.

The name made sense on a studio environment, especially when working on traditional animation with paper, when the workflow would be divided by several Harmony applications, namely Xsheet, Scan, Paint and Stage. In that context, you could have someone working just on an interface to paint drawings, and other people filling the xsheets and scanning the drawings. Stage was mostly for the compositing phase. With paperless and cut-out animation it makes more sense to have a single interface - where you have different workspaces suggested for specific tasks (Animating, Compositing, etc.) and which you can configure as you please.

Luis Canau