Stage Library missing

Hi there, I’m just looking for a bit of clarity around the Stage Library.

When I work from home, I have a Stage Library. However, when I go to university, I have no Stage Library anymore.

I have a feeling it has to do with the account I use to login (local user at uni), so perhaps the lack of a unique account means I don’t have access to it?

It’s my understanding that the Stage Library is used for storing character rigs and animations (as well of a bunch of other assets), and that this can then be shared out more collectively with a larger studio. And that somehow this is different to the ‘Harmony Premium Library’.

I would just like to know what the significance of no Stage Library means; I can create a new Library, yes, but that makes a whole folder structure with it - it appears to make a whole new scene folder structure.

This is a very broad question yes, my apologies, but I really just want to get my head around the Stage Library, and there doesn’t appear to be much documentation on it (and yes, I have followed the tutorials on this topic in Toon Boom Learn)

Thanks in advance for your time

The default Stage Library is in the user’s documents folder.
However schools often have a separate server for the user
accounts or they lock the user folders in some manner.

The Harmony library is the general library used by the
software. The Stage Library is just another user library
same as the ones you are creating. There is nothing special
about it.