Stage and Camera View Window full screen

Is it possivle to make camera view and/or stage view full screen and back, without changing workspace.

I like my workspace, but sometimes I would like to only see my camera view wothout any other windows or toolbars when drawing.


Well it doesn’t work this way in Storyboard Pro.

I think I will write an email to the toonbbom helpdesk. Thank you for your reply

Yeah, the “Full screen” function in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro does not work the way we wish it did. All it does is get rid of the top bar telling you you’re in Storyboard. I emailed Toon Boom’s support and they told me that’s the way they programmed it and that’s the way it’s supposed to work. I’m with you. I want to switch quickly from having all my view windows open to just having the Stage view open. That’s the way it works in Toon Boom Harmony, TB Animate, Photoshop, Manga Studio, etc. It would be nice if it worked the same way here. My workaround is to create my own full-screen workspace where all other view windows are closed or minimized, but switching between it and my default workspace takes the computer some time and there is not a way to program a shortcut key to it. In my custom-made “Full-screen” mode, I still have to have the toolbar called “Workspace” open on the edge of the screen so I can toggle between the workspaces as fast as possible.

How about it everyone? If you are reading this, let’s all send the feature request that we want Full Screen mode in Storyboard Pro to function the way it does in Harmony and Animate.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your feedback. I will share it with our RND team.


I would certainly like to see this also. Could essentially turn SBP into a full screen sketchpad on a Cintiq Companion.
Though it would be better as an addition to the current full screen implementation which I use a lot.

Select the window (View) you want to expand to full screen then…

Windows: Ctrl + F

Mac: Command + F

Note- If everything is docked the selected window will expand to full screen. If you have any undocked free floating windows they will remain in front of the interface.

To go back you have to use the same shortcuts (twice to trigger the reverse, in my experience at least).

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Thank you for answering
This does not seem to work.

It is the same as View>toggle fullscreen. (isn’t it?)
And it is not what I want.

Let me explain
I have Storyboard pro on the same monitor (My Cintiq) in the default ‘Timeline’ Workspace .

Now I would like to press a keyboard shortcut that makes the Camera view fill out all of the cintiq hinding all the other windows and toolbars behind. So I have the biggest space for drawing availeble.
and when I press this shortcut again I go back to the Timeline Workspace.

Does it make sense?

I’m on Storyboard Pro 5 maube the functions changed?


Very sorry, I jumped around on the forum and did not realize I was in the Storyboard Pro section. I do not have SBP and do not want to install the Trial to confirm that this works. As the corresponding Harmony shortcuts work as I described earlier and are listed right next to the SBP shortcuts in the documentation I expect this to work. From the User Guide:

Toggle Full Screen-

Windows: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F

Mac: ⌘ + Shift + F

Yes this shortcut makes the application go full screen. And I always work in fullscreen mode.
But Now I also want the windows “Camera view” to go full screen is this possible somehow?

I cannot verify it without having SBP installed but it works as I described in Harmony and Animate Pro. Given the location of the shortcut listed side by side with SBP in the User Guide I would expect it to work the same as it does in Harmony and Animate Pro.

You have REAl fullscreen mode in Harmony. You can make any window full screen and huge. But not SBPro? WHY?? Isnt it the same damn technology?