stacking curve deformer with mesh warp, possible?

let’s say i have a snake body with a curve deformer applied, and i want to mesh warp a section of the body to make it look like it swallowed something large (during and/or after the curve deformer has done its deforming). i can’t seem to get both of these deform effects to stack. i’ve tried a few different network setups, with mesh warp in between the curve deformer group and the drawing, inserted in a few different areas within the deformer group sub-network, etc… usually my attempt results in only one or the other actually performing the deformation.

anyone know of the proper way to chain these up? in summary, i want a drawing object that has an animated curve deformer to be able to accept a mesh warp at some mid-point area along the already-deformed shape.

Have you tried using a peg or drawing as a “peg”?
Having say the curve deforming the drawing and above this the peg or “peg” being deformed by the mesh warp (or vice versa).

You can also split the snake into say 3 different drawings and have them deform together with one curve deformer attached to their parent peg, then you could add a mesh warp to deform the child belly drawing for a more localised effect.

Not tried it but should work in theory