Stabilizers in Toon Boom

Hello! I’m very new to Toon Boom Harmony, and cannot for the life of me find any option in the settings for a sort of stabilizer for the pencil or brush tools.
For those of whom are unaware of what a stabilizer is, in many drawing programs (Paint Tool SAI is well known for this feature), an option will be given to ‘stabilize’ your lines- namely, to slow down the drawing speed in order to offer the user more control over their lines and simulate drawing traditionally.
Does Toon Boom Harmony have any feature like this? I am unused to drawing without one, and it may take me a while to get used to this lack of tool, so a quick answer would be appreciated.
Thank you!

I have not used a feature like you described as a stabilizer but the closest thing that offers a form of stability to your stroke is the smoothing feature.

I have had trouble controlling my linework at times. By dialing in just enough smoothing it has helped me enough that it is no longer a problem.

Worth mentioning: Some of this has been reduced by changing the physical tool as well. I have always had a problem with Wacom tablets. I would end up with flourishes when I did not intend it. I switched to an iPad Pro. In combination with the smoothing feature I feel like I am about 98% there. That last 2% I accept as something I can live with using a computer. I grew up with traditional mediums and do not think plastic on plastic or glass can ever match pens and pencils on paper.

Also worth noting: Strokes in Photoshop and Illustrator are much easier to control than Harmony. I do not know what is responsible for it under the hood. It just feels like there are hundreds of refinements involved…just the right amount of drag, responsiveness, and so on.

Sorry I missed your reply!

Thank you for your input! I’ve researched this smoothing tool, but it seems a bit counter intuitive to draw, only to go over the line again afterwards. May I ask what exactly you do with this smoothing tool?

Thank you!

The line tool and the contour editor tool, in my opinion is the best way to get the line you really want, if you really need that control, the polyline tool will get you there too.

You are talking about a different tool. (the Smooth Editor)

I am speaking of the smoothing adjuster that is part of the brush and pencil tools. When you have either the brush or pencil selected look at the Tool Properties window and there will be a slider labeled Smoothing. That is what I use. It works as you make a stroke. It assists you in achieving nice curves. You need to experiment to find the perfect balance. It is subjective. You have to get a feel for the different settings to find the one that suits the way you draw.

Pencil Tool Properties

Brush Tool Properties

Go to Windows>Toolsbar> then click on “Pen Settings”. Then the stabilizer will appear in your top left corner. Let me know if this helped you.