Squished Images

Hi,I’m using pencil check pro to test my animations, but i have noticed that the images are squished top and bottom. (it makes the images into a horizontal rectangle) Is the image being changed into rectangle pixels or something? I tested this with a circle. It becomes an oval in pencil check but is a circle in the camera and when i tested it in quicktime. I’m using the mac version of pencil check. Is there anyway to fix this?

Hi,Try to zoom in or zoom out in your scene and see if you are getting the same squishness.Regards,Ugo

I tried zooming in and out but that only seems to change the size of the frame if I’ve changed the scene resolution. It is still squished. If i export a quicktime the image is still squished. It seems to be capturing the image squished, but my camera is showing fine and other programs show the image fine as well.

Hi,What are the settings of your project (resolution wise). I have checked here but can’t seem to get the behavior you are talking about. Also is this happening on all the project you make?.Regards,Ugo

My normal settings are 960x540 (half HD). Though I have tried many different settings. Every project I create in pencil check is squished no matter how I change the resolution.

Hi,Would it be possible to provide screenshots of both the normal and the squished images so I can see and try to reproduce this here.Regards,Ugo