'Squeezed dialog box text' problem.

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Another issue with the program, hoping someone might have some thoughts on how to solve.

In many dialog boxes or pallets I can’t read some of the text because the boxes containing the text are too small to show the text. See attached sample.

MacBook Pro
2.5 GhZ Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB 667 Mhz DDR2
GeForce 8600M GT
Monitor Resolution: 1400x900



Which exact dialog box are you referring to?



Here’s where I’ve noticed it thus far:

The opening splash screen (as seen in previous attached image).
Properties Pallet
Text Pallet

Other pallets just portray the ‘scroll bar’ when the screen or pallet is too small. Which of course seems normal. But those mentioned above don’t.

Thanks for any thoughts!


In theory the font that will show in those fields are the default fonts for Windows. Therefore, it may be that the default for English font may have been shrunken on your OS directly. You may be able to make it bigger in the OS commands.



Thanks Ugo,

But Mac OSX doesn’t allow changing system fonts without 3rd party software which I don’t use. I did clear the font and system caches just to be sure. Problem is still there. Please note it’s not the font itself that is ‘squished’ but rather the box that contains them. I attached another screen shot that I think will clarify this.



To me this does not seem to be a font problem but rather a space problem. Basically, if you don’t give enough vertical space for the options some fields will get shrunken down. Simply make that section of the interface a little bigger and it should be back to a regular size.

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Of course I can move things around, but in some cases, such as the intro splash screen, I can’t make the window any larger than my entire screen. Thus if I have more than 6 or so ‘recent files’ showing I’ll always get this issue.

In any case, I’ll just deal with it as it is, thanks for the help though!

Try using your Font book software and import fonts into that folder so they will show up in Toon Boom Studio.

it could be a simple mac preference, on the finder go to: View/Show View Options. Once there, change the text size to the default 12 pt.

Sometimes when you change that preference it affects a lot of things.

I hope this helps.