Squash and stretch with deform tools

This should be simple, but I can’t figure it out:
I have drawn a circle, let’s say it is a snowball. Now I want to put deformers on this snowball and squash and stretch it while keeping the volume fairly constant. I can squash it and stretch it, but the volume shrinks when squashing and vica versa. I have tried both bone and curve deformers, but to no avail. I can change the volume of the drawing, but then the deformers don’t fit any longer. Any solution?

I just discovered the Deformation-Uniform-Scale. Problem solved!

well you CAN do it by Sharing Functions from the timeline. however from my meager tests it seems like the values each have ot be the same in order for it to function correctly. so if you tie the scale to the X value of a bone, the scale gets wacky because 1 is the “zero resting” value but it is now inheriting the X value of the bone…which is in all likelihood NOT 1.

im sure there is a way through scripting to make this happen, but that is beyond my expertise.

now what i want to know is how to link them so that it automatically squashes as you scale the deformer. i’ve tried a bunch of different ways of sharing functions but i never got the desired results.

Yea linking properties would be a nice improvement to harmony’s interface

to clarify, i meant tying the Uniform Scale value to the Bone Length value. the Bone Length will obviously vary depending on how long you need it to be in order to fit the artwork it is controlling.