square arcs (animation paths greyed out)

Granted that I’m probably doing something wrong, I’ve also been swamped by a series of strange glitches (too many to mention). Hopefully this has a solution, otherwise I’ll have to call it quits on this program.

Animation paths work for me in Animate PRO, but not in Animate. In Animate, they’re grayed out. I follow the same process when working in both versions.


Here’s a similar difference in behaviour between Animate & Pro (I don’t know if these are related or not), but it’s also infuriating - and scary - as I like to assume that a program will work more or less the same way - even if one is a slightly different version. In this case, the difference is night and day.


I’ve been asked to learn this program by a very large client, for a future project. I’ve been on this for 10 weeks, and I’m very very close to cutting my losses, and calling it quits.

I’ve had two separate problems already that are clearly bug-related; several posts on this forum, with NO RESPONSES. This thread, to be specific:


To describe this situation as frustrating is a PROFOUND understatement.

Hi. I am sure this explained in video tutorials for the options but here I write it anyway.
For the first issue is mainly due to the difference between ‘3D path’ and ‘separate’ setting for the position on the Peg. 3D path has x,y and z moves together for the tension and the curve. Since x, y and z are tide together, you can set the eases together. And thus, tension, Continuity and Bias are available in 3D path. You can also add the control point that is free to move anywhere regardless the frame. Using 3D path for peg position is designed for ‘easy use’. On the other hand, the separate position of the peg is way advanced but can be independently put the value (ex, ease) on each x, y and z differently since they are independent each other and thus , tension, Continuity and Bias are not available in separate. Using separate position for peg is more difficult to use than 3D path but can maneuver more preciously that 3D path. In new Animate Pro 3, ‘Set Easy for multiple parameters’ option helps ease for separate position.
For drawing peg (peg embadded in drawing layer), the default option is ‘separate’. For Peg, default is 3D Path but you can change the default option from preferences>General tab and check ‘default separate position’ under setting to set that way when it is create. You can always switch this option in Peg (or drawing) layer properties>Transformation tab by selecting 3D path or Separate for the position.
As for the second video, it is related to the first answer that I was mentioning about the drawing peg. To transform the object, you can either use the peg physically attaching the drawing under or use drawing which is embedded in drawing layer. In Animate, there is no feature to enable/disable in the option and I think it is may be due to be simple like for cut out animation without much pegs. In Animate Pro, you can enable/disable drawing peg by checking/unchecking ‘Animate using Animation tools’ in drawing layer properties>Advanced tab. Also, you can set default option on/off from preferences>Advanced tab called ‘Element Module “Animate Using Animation Tools” Default Value’ for newly created drawing layer. And I see you have turned it off from the video so you may have turned it off for some reason.
I haven’t had a chance to read the third one but I will be reading soon.
Please don’t get me wrong if it sounds like sarcastic ( I did not intend to) but this is very fundamental features (Don’t get me wrong, I was struggling at the beginning like you) for using peg or drawing peg in Animate Pro that could read totally different path but no bugs that I see so far except that issue when you can not draw with forbidden sign but I never have experienced that it might be a bug in PLE.