Sprite sheet not exporting from scene

I have for the past couple days been trying to export an animation for use in unity, however every time that I try to export the sprite sheet after making sure the script is active nothing appears in the sprite sheet folder.

Does anyone have a solution as I have scoured the internet and there isn’t much available information on this subject. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

kyle A.


You have to check if you’re working with the “Display” tool ON and not switched to “Display All”, i’m not 100% sure it’s the solution but I manage to do it this way.

Has anyone else encountered this problem or better yet resolved it? I am evaluating the latest version of Harmony and exporting isn’t writing any sprite sheets.

Same here. Any solution to this yet? It’s almost been two years since your post and now I have the same issue with the latest version of Harmony.
I followed the instructions from this document


and the spritesheet folder is just empty, as well as the few .xml files.

Thank you!

Edit: I’ve just created a new document, made a rough sketch with a very simple animation (rotation, scaling and bone rigging) just for testing purposes, and for any reason the spritesheet export does work this time (however, I haven’t yet tested the Unity import, but at least the export from Toon Boom seems to work). So apparently it only doesn’t work when using my existing animations.

I’d really appreciate some help.