Sprite Sheet documentation?


I’m trying to create a custom import script for the Sprite Sheets (as documented here: https://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-15/premium/gaming/export-sprite-sheet.html) so I can import the animations created by our animator as native animations in Unity (because as you probably know the one on the Asset Store is outdated and using custom rendering which is not the solution we want to use)

Is there any documentation that I can use for the xml files that are exported with the Sprite Sheet? As not everything is clear by just reading these files. For example - to what the scaleY or scaleX values in spriteSheets are relative to? I have so many questions and no documentation ;(.

So far I’ve been able to create the object and basic animation (based on sprite positions in frames) but I do not have the full knowledge of the xml files.

You can export the Sprite Sheets and just use the Unity internal 2d animation system (with bones). But you will have to do all your animations and rigging from scratch. Else you can use the Harmony Game SDK and use the patch, I added to my Harmony Essentials course (see this forum). But it will have impact on loading time/processor usage.