Sprite movies and Toon Boom

I am an avid flash user, have been using Flash since it was owned by Macromedia and the only thing I can do without looking like they were created by a 5 year old are sprite movies :expressionless: I tried drawing backgrounds and whatever but they end up bad as I am no graphic designer and have little to no fbf skills and I have not used flash for quite some time now.

I have been reading about Toon Boom recently and I haven’t seen what it’s capabilities are when it comes to sprite movies, I know it’s superior to flash when it comes to fbf animations as many professional animators across the globe use Toon Boom for their animations.

The only sprite movie you could call that it’s made by Toon Boom I’ve seen is this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDkCnDZO9cg

Curiously I’m thinking about giving it, I’d like to know how useful would it be for a sprite movie animator who have little to none graphic designing skills :confused: I’m just a hobbyist animator, So I don’t know if I should just stick to flash

I presume many Toon Boom owners own a Wacom table as well I don’t own one tough, I don’t see a point in one for myself.

you don’t need a tablet to use it, but it certainly helps when drawing. I find a mouse is better for editing animations and things like that.

Yes in my opinion you will benefit and can do it with Animate. Don’t take my word however, try the ple edition to get a feel if it suits you.

Would this help: