Sprite-Emitter properties


I am trying to understand what each parameter in Generator section of Sprite-Emitter is responsible for. The documentation, as below, doesn’t really explains a lot to me. I played for a couple days with these parameters and sill can’t get what each of them really manages.
Does anybody have more details or an idea where to look at?

Streak Seed: The number of streaks to generate.

Source Sampling Time Offset: Sets the streak start at a different time to offset its position.

Source Sampling Duration: This parameter is the key to generating streaks. If set to 0, the behaviour is the same as before. If set to -10 for example, it will sample the input region (in this example the Planar-Region) 10 frames in the past. If in this mode, the Number of Particles parameter is the number of streaks to generate. If you want to generate five streaks for example, you need to set the Streak Size to a value different than 0, otherwise all the streaks will be at the same spot.

Source Samples Per Frame: The number of subdivisions for each frame. A value of 1 generates a particle for each frame. A value of 16 generates a particle on each 1/16th of a frame.

Streak Size: The radius of the sphere used for sampling the offset of the streak.


I have the same question… did you figured it out my good fellow ?

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