Split Screen - 2 Cameras

Good evening,
Does anyone know if it is possible to animate two characters in a split screen (meaning 2 different Bgs and most important, 2 different Cameras and Camera moves while the characters talk and move on their respective side of the screen?)

It would be great to animate each scene with both characters in the same Toon Boom file for synchronization sake.

Thank you!

Just some thoughts on the idea:

It is possible to produce the effect. If it were me I would consider working on both in the same project only referencing the other while working on one. Then I would export the two scenes separately while the other was invisible. You would use a video editor to composite the two. The two scenes would need to be carefully setup with their own cameras to render to and consideration of aspect ratio. You will generate a large project file and need to break it up into segments so it is manageable by your system. It would be very difficult to time a conversation if you attempted two separate project files. It could be done if you worked it all out on paper and could use it like reading sheet music. Even with that you would benefit from being able to see the two characters interacting and having the ability to fine tune in the same environment.