Split a scene into 2 scenes or put transition mid-scene?

Yes, I’m a flailing total newbie, sigh. Because I kept having crashes and weird glitches when I tried adding the imported elements from scene one into the library so I could use them in scene 2 (that addition totally trashed the animation – luckily I had a backup), so I simply continued in scene 1. Now it seems I can’t insert a transition into the middle of a scene! Is there some way to duplicate the entire scene, then cut then end of scene one and the beginning of scene two? It doesn’t seem possible to duplicate the entire file, but one, and import it as the second scene.

And why, oh why is it only possible to grab and move the elements in the timeline maybe 1 out of 10 times?? I’m on a Mac using current Yosemite software.

Thanks for any help!


Have you tried using Storyline. This feature in introduced in Toon Boom Studio 8. With this feature, you can add the transition between scenes.
As for grabbing element (cel), click once to select the cel and release the mouse. And then select again and drag. This behavior dragging without releasing mouse is selecting in range
Also if the crash or slow in performance is due to the limitation of resources (ex, memory) due to large bitmap file size, you can increase the system memory in Preferences>Display tab. You can also play rendering options in that Display tab for the performance issue if the slowness or crash is due to the same reason.