Spline Deformer for animation


I teach animation at Cambrian College. I built these rigs and we are using Harmony v17. I was wondering why this sometimes happens with the spline deformers (sometimes the envelope deformers as well) where the transform tool will not let some edit the deformer to pose the character. This does not happen to everyone. It sometimes affects the eyebrows too (peg to deformer to drawing node) so it’s not in a single situation. Is this a bug in Harmony 17? The only work around that I have is recreating the deformer in the animation file. But that will get rid of what was already animated for the current poses.

How can I get around this? Is there a lock that somehow got turned on?

Thanks for your help. Please let me know what I can do to prevent this from happening further.

Joshua Robertson

I found the fix. Somehow the nodes inside the deformer group node that is created were set to disable somehow. I usually never dive into these group nodes so I’m surprised that they were set as disabled to begin with. But at least anyone else encountering that, there you go!