Spinning things!

I am trying to spin an extremely small set of feathered circles on it’s center, whenever I take out the rotate tool the rotation is FAR to big, so I move the green target towards the center of the object I want moved. This is all fine, but then at the next keyframe, the target is back away from the center. I move it into the center, then in the previous keyframe its back away from the center. Its like a game of terrible tug- of -war and I can’t figure out whats Going on. Note, I am also making the set transfrom, growing from small to large. Is that the problem? I just can’t figure it out! ???

The position of the pivot (green target) cannot be changed over time so make sure to draw all of your drawings in the drawing view so that the rotation pivot is at the correct position.

An easy way to do that is to activate the grid and to move your drawing with the drawing select tool so that the rotation pivot is in the center.